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Rick and Rod
Fine Tune / Gold Wing Square Dance Music
Produced by Rick Hampton and Rod Shuping
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Welcome to Fine Tune / Gold Wing Square Dance Music!

Including the Sharpshooter Youth Music Project

Vinyl 45 RPM

A Grab bag of 25 Fine Tune and Gold Wing Records- FREE US Shipping-Overseas will pay actual shipping- Ex Canada @ $50 /AU $75 Less Than 1.75 each! No Duplicates Both Patter and Singers Included-

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INCLUDES ALL 2017 releases and all music back to the beginning- Close to 200 tunes- Not Immediately downloaded, sent via a download link via email-Also ASK about the upgrade (previous library purchasers only) 2015 buyers-$100 2016 buyers-$80- Catches you up till 12/31/17

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Just for The Ladies

Near TWENTY (19)Singing Calls cut by and for the ladies-Pitch Shifting not needed Two are duets from Grease (with the guy part sung, or not.) The Retail on this as singles is $160.00- The Deal is amazing- LIMITED TIME

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Founded in 1983, we continue to be recognized as the most varied Square Dance Music producers. We produce in many genres on our 3 labels, from country to rock to big band, and we are known for providing superior Vocal Backgrounds and mix options.

Fine Tune Records started in 1983, with Rick Hampton and Jay Henderson. We've been privleged to have some great callers work with us over the years.

Gold Wing Records was founded by Phil Farmer (one of the original Fine Tune staff) in the late '80s.

In the early 2000s we merged to bring the whole family together again, and have consistently produced TOP 10 music ever since. We also spearheaded the SharpShooter Youth Music Project, producing over 25 tunes geared toward the younger set. These have become best sellers in that genre.

Over the years the staff has changed, and we've enjoyed the talents of

along with others who have been featured on our 3 labels. Our current active artist lineup includes Canada's Lorne Clayton, as well as Jay Henderson, Shauna Kaaria, Rick Hampton, Rod Shuping, Renee Ruud, Brian Freed, Canada's Wendy VanderMuellen, Ray Rhea and Leo Catt.

Top Downloads
(as of 2017-05-27)

Since April, 2015This yearThis Month
  1. SS 1030 - Honey I'm Good
  2. FT 163 - Mr. Postman
  3. FT 164 - When Will I Be Loved
  4. FT 175 - 8 Days A Week
  5. FT 177 - Sixteen Tons
  6. FT 173 - Smoke On The Water
  7. SS 1027 - All About That Bass
  8. SS 1037 - My Sweet Lord (Patter)
  9. FT 160 - Let Me Be There
  10. FT 174 - Cover of the Rolling Stone
  1. SS 1037 - My Sweet Lord (Patter)
  2. GWR 147 - Kiss On My List
  3. FT 180 - Ventura Highway
  4. FT 181 - FreeBird
  5. FT 163 - Mr. Postman
  6. FT 164 - When Will I Be Loved
  7. FT 177 - Sixteen Tons
  8. FT 144 - Twistin' the Night Away
  9. GWR 145 - Bye Bye Love
  10. GWR 150 - One More Drinkin' Song
  1. SS 1037 - My Sweet Lord (Patter)
  2. GWR 150 - One More Drinkin' Song
  3. FT 181 - FreeBird
  4. GWR 151 - Brother Jukebox
  5. FT 164 - When Will I Be Loved
  6. FT 173 - Smoke On The Water
  7. FT 177 - Sixteen Tons
  8. FT 106 - Save the Last Dance for Me
  9. FT 156 - Lady Marmalade
  10. FT 163 - Mr. Postman


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