GWR Ė 160
Called by:
Ray Rhea

Opener:Middle Break:Closer:

Sides Face Grand Square

*Something in the way you love me wonít let me be.

I donít want to be your prisoner, so baby wonít you set me free.

Allemande Left and Weave

Stop playing with my heart finish what you start.

Swing That Girl and Promenade

If you want me let me know, Baby let it show, honey donít you fool around


Heads(Sides) Square thru 4 hands

Make a right hand star, Heads/Sides star left in the middle one time around you know
Swing Thru, Boys Run, swing your corner there,

Keep that girl promenade that ring

Just try to understand, Iíve given all I can, ĎCause you got the best of me

*Lyrics For Break and Closer
Borderline feels like Iím going to lose my mind

You just keep pushing my love over the borderline

Allemande and Weave, Borderline, feels like Iím going to lose my mind the borderline
, Swing & Promenade, you keep pushing my love over the Borderline


Tag: Swing Her, Over the Borderline




Music recorded and Mastered at Jimmy Mac productions-Ventura CA

Jim MacDonald- Engineer and Bandleader-Music arranged by Shauna Kaaria
Background Vocals by Shauna Kaaria

Gold Wing Records are produced by

Rick Hampton and Rod Shuping
Thanks To the BedRoom Studios- Always Helpful